Project Details


TV Globo


April 22, 2015

Project Description

In 2015 we collaborated with TV Globo to create a documentary project on Honey Hunters, but our endeavor took a turn towards an unexpected adventure due to the 2015 earthquake.

Honey hunting is an age-old tradition conducted by skilled individuals who climb steep cliffs to harvest honey from wild beehives, and it offers a thrilling experience with hallucinogenic properties. Our initial plan was to cover the stories of these fearless honey hunters, understand their lives, and understand the unique techniques they utilize to harvest honey.

However, fate had other plans for us. Before we could even reach our destination for the shoot, the ground beneath us shook violently. It wasn't until later that we realized we had witnessed a historic earthquake in Nepal that attracted international attention. As a result, our priorities shifted from documenting the honey hunters to producing news for TV Globo.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, we managed to capture some footage of the earthquake and focus on building news which is a story for another day.

After completing our coverage of the earthquake story, we returned to our original mission – to tell the story of the honey hunters who risk their lives to obtain unique Himalayan honey. Our timely actions resulted in not just one, but two remarkable pieces of work that left a lasting impact on our crew and our clients who thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with us.