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December 14, 2014



Project Description

Nepalaya Productions handled all aspects of production for the Investigation Discovery crew. Securing interviews with members of law enforcement and various experts close to the subject. 

Filming took place in sensitive areas including army barracks. 


“Royal Inquest” on Investigation Discovery presents a gripping case that delves into the aftermath of Nepal’s King Birendra's murder. 

The Royal massacre in Nepal occurred on June 1st, 2001, when the King’s son, Crown Prince Dipendra, shot and killed his father and multiple members of the Royal family inside the Royal palace. 

Intriguingly, the documentary raises suspicions and explores alternative theories that question the official narrative, implicating Dipendra's cousin Prince Paras. This thought-provoking story sheds light on the complex events that shaped Nepali history and leaves viewers with a sense of intrigue and curiosity about the true circumstances surrounding the tragic event.