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Project Details


TV Globo


April 20, 2015

Project Description

Nepalaya Productions was hired to assist TV Globo in filming the ancient tradition of “Honey Hunting” in Nepal. Pre-Production for this episode lasted over 6 months. Sourcing a Honey Hunter community, securing hunters, hiring local crews to assist with the Brazilian crew, and making sure hosts were safe while joining the Honey Hunters was not an easy feat. 


Filming was set for April 2015. As the crews were driving to Landruk where filming was about to take place, one of Nepal’s most devastating earthquakes suddenly struck. Boulders were falling around the vans, and the country had come to a complete halt. 


The TV Globo production crew realized that Kathmandu suffered a major devastation. The production crew returned to Kathmandu and transformed into the only live foreign reporting agency in Nepal. 


At that time, NTV and Kantipur were the only two agencies that had satellite connections. Nepalaya Productions, with its contacts, was able to convince NTV to collaborate with TV Globo, making TV Globo the first foreign television network to broadcast in Nepal and report directly from the site of the devastation.

After completing the earthquake coverage, TV Globo proceeded to shoot the Honey Hunters episode for their award-winning series “Planeta Extremo”